Grazix Animal Health


If your goal is antibiotic-free production or just plain healthier animals, Grazix® liquid supplements can restore the powerful immune benefits of a natural field diet.

Grazix® products enable modern livestock production for optimal gut health the way nature intended.  

Grazix® products allow livestock producers to:

  • Protect nursery animals while their immune systems are still developing
  • Optimize daily animal weight gains, production consistency, and resistance to disease
  • Provide rapid, drug-free control of gastrointestinal problems in animals in times of stress

Grazix® products are currently available for the Porcine, Bovine, and Poultry industries:

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Grazix  Porcine-F (Newborn Piglets)
Grazix  Porcine-W (Weaned Pigs)
Grazix  Bovine-C (Newborn Calves)
Grazix  Avian-S (Broilers & Turkeys)

Grazix® products are becoming the first choice of large scale food animal producers across the US.  Livestock producers can see the difference in appearance, vitality, and reduced production losses.

Grazix® is in use by a number of major US pork production systems.  Grazix products feed supplements are registered with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) in most states and are compatible with standard nutritional and veterinary practices facilitating antibiotic-free food animal production. Unlike antibiotics, Grazix products avoid biocidal activity that can promote anti-microbial resistance. They do not require any clearance period and are not subject to the US Veterinary Feed Directive (2017).

Grazix® supplements are recommended by veterinarians and part of the standard operating procedures in major livestock producers across the US and Europe. Grazix products are manufactured under license with patented processes from safe, food plants to strict GMP standards.

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