Grazix Animal Health

Grazix Animal Health

Simple Reliable Antibiotic-Free Livestock Production

Product Line

Grazix provides liquid supplements for livestock production.   Grazix improves animal gut health.    Grazix is antibiotic-free.     Whether your goal is organic, antibiotic-free production or just healthier animals, Grazix restores the immune benefits of a natural field diet to modern...


When Grazix solution is ingested, it passes rapidly along the digestive tract and its small molecular groups diffuse easily through the mucous to support the natural defensive functions of epithelial tissues. When injured, irritated or...

Animal Health

Grazix Animal Health, Inc. has developed the technology and proprietary animal feed products that use plant-based nutrients to deliver full polyphenol bioactivity to the gut of food animals. The products are becoming a natural choice...