When Grazix solution is ingested, it passes rapidly along the digestive tract and its small molecular groups diffuse easily through the mucous to support the natural defensive functions of epithelial tissues. When injured, irritated or colonized areas of the gut wall are encountered, Grazix solution is target activated by animal enzymes similar in function to plant defensive enzymes. The reaction creates molecules that help maintain barrier integrity exactly as nature intended. This all adds up to powerful immune support, while reducing unnecessary stimulation of inflammatory activity.


Gut Protection from Grazix

Antibiotic treatment for diarrhea has been shown to reduce beneficial microbiome diversity. Grazix products is the only product  available that can protect the normal microbiome and  improve gut barrier function to significantly improving tolerance for a wide range of production stresses.  Grazix products are either orally dosed or added to feed water to provide cost-effective protection during any phase of development, even during times of serious gastrointestinal stress.  Grazix products are environmentally-sound, do not require withdrawal time and are compatible with standard antibiotic regimens as well.  Immediately see a difference in appearance, vitality and reduced losses.


Multiple controlled piglet and in-vitro experiments show that Grazix porcine products:

●  Increase in beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacillus activity

●  Reduce harmful clostridia

●  Improve stool scores after challenge

●  Improve intestinal barrier function

●  Protect intestinal villi from bacterial damage

●  Reduced gut inflammation post challenge

●  Has no significant effect on blood chemistry

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