Product Line

Grazix provides liquid supplements for livestock production.  

Grazix improves animal gut health.   

Grazix is antibiotic-free.  


Whether your goal is organic, antibiotic-free production or just healthier animals, Grazix restores the immune benefits of a natural field diet to modern animal production systems to optimize gut health the way nature intended:


Protect nursery animals while their immune systems are still developing.

Optimize daily weight gains, production consistency and resistance to disease.

Provide rapid, drug-free control of gastrointestinal distress.

Environment-friendly and require no withdrawal time

Supports a healthy gut microbiome

Lowers inflammatory burden

Modern nutrition is a precise science delivering almost everything needed to maximize output, but one thing that hasn’t been captured in processed feeds is the gut-immune benefits that comes from the actual ingestion of living plants.


Grazix Product Line:


     Porcine-F & W             Bovine-C             Avian-S


Grazix Porcine-F  (Newborn Piglets)

Grazix   Porcine-W  (Weaned Pigs)

Grazix   Bovine-C  (Newborn Calves)

Grazix   Avian-S  (Broilers & Turkeys)



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