Grazix phytobiologic as a method to maintain digestive health has the potential to reduce the duration of digestive disturbances, rx such as scour, and so minimize economic losses in both pre- and post-weaned piglets in commercial pig units. With ever-increasing restrictions on the use of antimicrobial agents in swine production, alternative materials to maintain health, such as extracts from plants, such as Grazix phytobiologic, may be capable of reducing gut stress, and improving gut health and pig performance to an extent that pig herds can sustain productivity without the heavy use of in-feed and on-farm antibiotics for growth promotion in the near-future.

Phytobiologics – Using redoxigenic plant immunity to support the immune system in pigs


With pressure to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the use of antibiotic growth promoters in food animals, producers are investigating the use of alternative agents derived from plant and other natural materials to promote digestive health of piglets.  Phytobiologic agents can play a role in reducing the dependence on antimicrobial agents while introducing a mechanism of immune support derived from plant-based solutions.

Why should I use Grazix solution?

Grazix solution is the first product to deliver the powerful immune benefits of a fresh plant diet that is impractical in many of today’s production environments.

Grazix solution uniquely promotes the full bioactivity of polyphenols, the most common of plant metabolites. Polyphenols play many important roles in plant physiology and have been associated with potential health benefits to humans and animals. Before Grazix solution, the polyphenol promise had never been fully delivered. Traditional techniques employed in processing feed or extracting polyphenols destroy their biologic potential by consuming or stripping away the immune active co-factors that cells produce and store in their cytoplasm.

Patented Grazix phytobiologics are uniquely efficient in reproducing the chemical reactions of live plant immune response, when triggered by enzymes encountered in the body.

Grazix solution is NOT an essential oil, probiotic or drug
Grazix solution will NOT promote antibiotic resistance in bacteria
Grazix IS self-affirmed G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe), FDA compliant, and manufactured under strict GMP standards.
The phytobiologics in Grazix solution have also been proven safe for human consumption.

How does Grazix solution work?


Living plants have a highly efficient tube_cellsbiologic response to any physical, chemical, or biological assault that compromises their cellular integrity. In a natural grazing environment, the ingestion of fresh plant matter by domesticated animals transfers some of this immunologic activity to the gut, supporting immune functions in ways that cannot be provided by today’s processed, dry feeds.
Research has noted that polyphenols, a major micronutrient in most fresh plants, improves the epithelial barrier function of porcine intestines, which is the physical barrier to interactions with dietary antigens. This is particularly important as young animals transition from mother’s milk to more solid feed, among other factors. Diet is key to promoting structural and functional integrity of the small intestine as animals grow.
Even though processed feeds may contain plenty of polyphenols, the most common compounds in plants, these feeds typically no longer have the immunologic potential of the living plant source. Researchers have shown that processed or extracted polyphenols have very low bioactivity.

Grazix phytobiologics are the first products to mimic the living cellular environment that makes this active plant immunity fully available. Our patented technology combines the unreacted chemical precursors to innate immunity found in the grazing plants pigs and cattle are naturally adapted to.

Although polyphenol-based, uniquely powerful Grazix solution is not intended as an antioxidant, but as a means of reproducing nature’s efficient reduction-oxidation reactions in the gut, without oxidative stress. This is the primary nutritional difference between processed feeds and a grazing field diet.

gut barrier

When Grazix solution is ingested, it passes rapidly along the digestive tract and its small molecular groups diffuse easily through the mucous to support the natural defensive functions of epithelial tissues. When injured, irritated or colonized areas of the gut wall are encountered, Grazix solution is target activated by animal enzymes similar in function to plant defensive enzymes. The reaction creates molecules that help maintain barrier integrity exactly as nature intended. This all adds up to powerful immune support, while reducing unnecessary stimulation of inflammatory activity.

Scour is the most common functional response to digestive stresses due to environmental, nutritional, or social challenges. While it is not intended to treat specific diseases, Grazix solution has been shown to be exceptionally effective at reducing the incidence and duration of scours after such stress events, particularly when given to young animals at birth, after weaning, and during other transition phases.

Grazix solution is a cost-effective way to restore the benefits of a field diet and is compatible with standard nutritional and veterinary practices. It comes in a ready-to-use liquid form for individual administration or in a concentrate for distribution through drinking water systems.