LiveLeaf, Inc. Licenses Phytobiologics Technology to InQpharm Group’s Animal Health Division

San Carlos, California and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (April 4, 2016)– In a strategic move to further strengthen its Animal Health portfolio, InQpharm Group has acquired from LiveLeaf, Inc. a license for its phytobiologics platform, one of the most significant recent developments in the field of nature-based health technologies. The license for production livestock and equine use initially extends rights for Europe and portions of the Asia Pacific, with InQpharm having an option on other significant territories.

LiveLeaf’s patented technology derives unprecedented bioactivity from botanical compounds with a well-documented history of safe use. One of the main benefits is that it significantly improves the gastrointestinal health of young food-producing animals, a breakthrough for keeping them on the optimal natural growth curve in antibiotic-free programs. LiveLeaf’s Grazix® Animal Health products utilize phytobiologics specially developed for livestock.  LiveLeaf phytobiologics were originally intended for human use and have been introduced as LiveXtract® in exceptionally fast-acting and natural digestive care products.

InQpharm’s Vetrinol™, Vetrinol™ Plus and Vetrinol™ Neo product lines were successfully introduced in Europe for the prevention and treatment of reducing somatic cell count, sub-clinical mastitis and calf diarrhea. This latest acquisition will give InQpharm critical mass as a leader in the field of bioactive natural alternatives for the animal health industry.

“We are excited to add this breakthrough nature-based technology to our already successful and highly diverse group of innovative offerings. This agreement is evidence of our continued commitment to seek out novel solutions to the challenges of sustainable food production,” said Thomas Hafner, founder and CEO of Zaluvida, InQpharm’s parent company. “These products are perfectly aligned with our focus on natural alternatives to reduce antimicrobial overuse in growth promotion,” he added.

Commenting on the deal, Alex Huang, founder and CEO of LiveLeaf said, “We are delighted to have found a like-minded partner to extend our reach in deploying this important breakthrough worldwide.  Our phytobiologics provide production farmed animals the first practical and consistent delivery of immune benefits previously only available from a natural field grazing diet.  InQpharm further validates the potential of our technology to help meet the world’s growing demand for protein without compromising the health of future generations.”

About InQpharm

InQpharm is a global life science company that develops best-in-class and first-in-class healthcare solutions based on proprietary bioactive platform technologies. Already a true game-changer and market leader in several consumer health categories, InQpharm’s innovative solutions nourish, protect and improve the lives of global consumers and animals alike.

Founded and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company has offices in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and in the United States with Switzerland to open by mid-year. These InQpharm facilities around the globe provide an end-to-end ecosystem of centres of excellence – from molecule and compound discovery to delivering ground breaking products to the end consumer. InQpharm is fully owned by the Singaporean Life Science investment firm Zaluvida Holdings.

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About LiveLeaf

LiveLeaf, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company melding modern immunology with ancient medicinal knowledge in pioneering phytobiologics, a novel ingredient paradigm harnessing a fundamental biochemistry of plant immunity.  Since 2008, the company has translated this into a rich pipeline of breakthrough wellness and therapeutic applications answering major unmet and underserved global needs.  LiveXtract® is the company’s first line of phytobiologics, delivering a synergy of physiologic benefits with immediacy and intrinsic safety never before practical on a commercial scale.

LiveXtract® is in human digestive care products sold through US retail and in livestock products sold through Grazix Animal Health, Inc., a subsidiary of LiveLeaf.  These oral products deliver extraordinarily efficient restoration of healthy gut function against a broad range of challenges. Performance has been validated through laboratory testing, clinical studies, commercial products, and use in over a million farm animals.  LiveXtract has also demonstrated exceptional capability in topical applications. LiveLeaf’s extensive portfolio of patents and products is available for licensed to partners sharing commitment to a sustainable healthcare future for humanity.

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A Natural Alternative that fight scouring in piglets.

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Obama Administration Announces Several Measures To Fight Antibiotic Resistance At Summit.

The Washington Post (6/3, Sun, 5.03M) reports in “To Your Health” that yesterday, the Obama Administration announced a series of measures to curb the use of antibiotics in meat and poultry at a White House summit with representatives of the agricultural, pharmaceutical, food processing, and retail industries. President Obama announced that the General Services Administration will serve antibiotic-free meat and poultry at Federal cafeterias as an option, and the Presidential Food Service, which serves the President’s family, state dinners, and White House cafeterias, would begin serving antibiotic-free foods as well. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it finalized a regulation “laying out what veterinarians must do when they authorize the use of antibiotics to livestock.”

According to the Wall Street Journal (6/3, A2, Tracy, Burton, Subscription Publication, 5.68M), the FDA’s rule, which becomes effective as of December 2016, will require farmers to get a prescription to use antibiotics that are also medically important to humans, and also prohibits using antibiotics for purposes other than treating sick animals


2015 Iowa Pork Congress from Vance Publishing

PorkNetwork’s JoAnn Alumbaugh visits with Dr. Stewart Galloway and Jamie Pietig of Hubbard Feeds at the 2015 Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines, Iowa.Iowa_pork_congress_interview_hubbard


Grazix Animal Health, Inc. joins Minnesota biotechnology center

Published July 14, 2014, 11:09 AM


WORTHINGTON, Minn. — New to join the Biotechnology Advancement Center is Grazix Animal Health, a family of next-generation natural animal health products based on reactive plant immunity (RPI).

Grazix products were first brought to the attention of Dr. Randy Simonson, who is now CEO and president of Grazix, a few years ago.“This product is derived from the company LifeLeaf, and a few years ago a graduate classmate of mine was in the area and told me about this plant-derived product,” Simonson explained. “I sort of dismissed it at first until I recognized all of these notable veterinarians who I respect … use this product.”

Simonson said LifeLeaf is a company based out of San Carlos, Calif., that originally developed products for people in third-world countries suffering from enteric diseases. Around 2009, the founders of LifeLeaf had discovered a way to isolate the compounds in living plants that were responsible for healing the plant when it became damaged. Testing began on these compounds on pig farms in China, and significant digestive benefits to humans and animals that consume these nutrients were found.

Thus the idea of Grazix was born, and LifeLeaf still continues to make products for human consumption.The RPI technology that both LifeLeaf and Grazix uses is patented and FDA-compliant. RPI is the technology that captures and stabilizes a natural-response mechanism so it can be activated by animal or human cellular enzymes, in order to mimic the original phytological process.“Right now Grazix has two products for swines and another one for calves, but we’re in the process in making products for other animals species as well,” Simonson said.The products are taken orally by the animals, and some can even be filtered into the water system from which they drink.“This technology truly is next-generation,” Simonson said. “We have distribution centers in Europe, and are in talks with China and Brazil.”Currently, the Worthington facility has two full-time employees and one part-timer. The Worthington location is primarily for marketing and technical services, but Simonson plans to expand.“Right now the manufacturing and developing part of the product is still in San Carlos, but the long-term goal is to bring the manufacturing to Worthington,” he said.Grazix Animal Health is in the process of remodeling the two offices it currently rents and hopes to obtain the use of a laboratory.


Governor Dayton: Working for Minnesota Jobs in Worthington

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 11:11 AM


Governor Dayton tours the Biotechnology Advancement Center

Governor Mark Dayton visited Worthington’s Biotechnology Advancement Center last Friday to assess opportunities and challenges to Minnesota’s agriculture sector as he continued Working for Minnesota Jobs.

While visiting the center, Governor Dayton and Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson held a roundtable talk with industry leaders, farmers, and business owners to discuss how to grow jobs in Minnesota’s farm and food sector, and to encourage continued innovation in the state’s agriculture technology industry. Following the roundtable discussion, Governor Dayton and Commissioner Frederickson took some time out of their busy schedules to tour the Center and Newport Laboratories.

After manufacturing, Minnesota’s farm and food sector is the second largest segment of the state’s economy providing more than 340,000 jobs and $75 billion in annual economic activity. More than 80 percent of those jobs are off-farm jobs in categories like transportation, finance, manufacturing, and retail.

Agriculture is in the midst of a high-tech revolution. Entrepreneurial companies in Minnesota are developing some of the technologies at the center of this revolution. Innovations that emerge from this sector have a high export growth potential and a large impact on Minnesota’s economy. The agriculture and food production technology industry contributes over 4,800 direct jobs in Minnesota, totaling $250 million in wages.

Worthington is Governor Dayton’s latest stop on the Working for Minnesota Jobs tour, which has taken him to meet with leaders in agriculture technology, mining, and bioscience across the state.


Alex Huang, Chairman of Grazix Animal Health, Inc. interviewed by CNBC