Maintaining and Supporting Balance in a Healthy Gut

If piglets can be encouraged to drink more water and eat in the critical first days after weaning, intestinal damage can be minimized.  As a result, the intestinal barrier will remain intact and inflammatory responses to novel dietary antigens may be lessened or avoided. Grazix solution fills the need for dietary strategies aimed to improve animal health during the weaning process, and is formulated to optimize the growth, function and health of the gut.

A Completely Natural Solution

A polyphenol-based supplement, Grazix Natural Digestive Health Solution is not an antioxidant, but is a means of reproducing nature’s efficient reduction-oxidation reactions in the gut, without oxidative stress.
Grazix solution also provides:

  • Optimize nutritional uptake
  • Supports a healthy gut microbiome
  • Lowers inflammatory burden

With Vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) as primary ingredient, Grazix solution is a cost-effective way to support gut health and overall immunity and is compatible with standard nutritional and veterinary practices.  It comes in a ready-to-use liquid form for individual administration or in a concentrate for distribution through drinking water systems. These oral products deliver extraordinarily efficient support of healthy gut function against a broad range of stresses. Performance has been validated through laboratory testing, field studies, commercial products, and use in over a million farm animals.

The Importance of Proper Nutritional Absorption with Grazix Natural Digestive Health Solution During the Weaning Process

Current trends in husbandry practices on large farms dramatically show a reduction in the length of time in the weaning process in piglets. Unfortunately, this practice is having a significant effect on the healthy development of a piglet’s immune system.

Physiological and anatomical changes that impacts the digestive capability of the small intestine also occur during the weaning process. The small intestine plays an important role and is necessary for survival and long-term health. However, when the intestinal health and structure are impaired, a number of vital cellular functions can be altered, leading to inflammation that can result in Post Weaning Diarrhea (PWD).