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For the maintenance of Gut Health and Immunity in livestock, about it Grazix offers a natural alternative solution based upon a mixture of bioactive botanical extracts. Plants have an efficient immune chemistry encapsulated in each cell and triggered by the slightest damage called plant-injury immune system.  Animals eating these plants benefit from biochemical reactions that modulate the Read More

Managing Livestock Health

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Stresses develop during early development and represent a common problem for producers. Vitamin B1 and bioactives found in botanical extracts help to maintain a healthy gut to minimize gut stress conditions.   Supporting gut health with Vitamin B1, thumb and patented LiveXtract®, buy more about which includes the benefits of bioactive polyphenols from extracts of green tea and pomegranate, Read More

BeckAg Talks – Healthy Gut Function in Piglets with Phytobiologics

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Proper hydration, cost consistent feed uptake and a balanced intestinal microbiome are keys to reducing vulnerability to stress and disease in piglets.  Veterinarians and swine experts shared experiences with strategies for increasing the immune health of piglets through promoting digestive health and gut function. By helping piglets to stay healthy, malady producers can increase productivity and feed efficiency naturally. Educational talks Read More