Animal Stress



Factors contributing to the incidence of piglet digestive stress include the stress of weaning, contaminated feed and water, improperly maintained pens, and poor farm management and hygiene.  Plant-derived phytobiologics have been actively pursued as one of the materials in reducing scour and promoting piglet health. These plant-derived products consist of biologically active compounds extracted from herbs, spices or other plants that contain terpenes, polyphenols, glycosides, saccharides, aldehydes, esters, or alcohols.  The consumption of such botanical derivatives is often associated with the improvement of gut health.    Building on this basis of plant extract directed action, a proprietary extraction process, LiveXtract  (LiveLeaf Inc., San Carlos, CA), has been developed that produces a complex of plant-derived polyphenols and natural metabolites, to aid in the biologic processes. By enabling polyphenols to function as intended in the nature, LiveXtract products deliver essential immune system support at the concentrations that are beneficial to the animals.

The initial product derived from the LiveXtract process, Grazix phytobiologic (LiveLeaf Inc., San Carlos, CA) is a water extraction of pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum) and green tea (Camellia sinensis) leaves.  Grazix phytobiologics are provided in a liquid form and are administered in the drinking water system or individually via an oral feeder-applicator.

NON- Bacterial Stress Factors:
• Faulty injections
• Lameness factors
• Fluctuating temperatures and humidity
• Mixing of pigs and fighting
• Tail biting
• Trauma
• Badly designed slats
• Foot problems
• Incorrect slat: gap ratio
• Poor floor surfaces
• Weight too heavy for slats
• Faulty nutrition
• Poor building hygiene
• Dirty wet conditions in finishing pens
• High exposure in straw based systems
• Poor hygiene
• Poor environments
• Faulty teeth clipping
• High humidity
• High stocking densities
• Feed too finely ground
• Mange
• Excess feed
• Failure to clean and disinfect between batches
• Stale feed
• An unhappy pig