Grazix Animal Health, shop Inc. is a science-based company and began operation as a division of privately held LiveLeaf, Inc. in 2013, and became an independent subsidiary in May 2014.  Grazix is committed to engineering natural alternatives to supporting and maintaining healthy livestock.

Grazix Animal Health, Inc. recently introduced the industry’s first feed product in which plant-based nutrients to deliver full polyphenol bioactivity to the gut. The products are expected to become the first choice for large scale food animal producers interested in alternative feed strategies. The Grazix team is heavily invested in research to raise the scientific bar on plant-chemistries, to create next generation feed ingredients, oral vaccines and natural therapeutics. Grazix has  licensed many patents issued to LiveLeaf covering various uses and compositions of matter related to improving animal health.

The Grazix corporate office is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California and the regional sales office shares the 12,000 square-foot Biotechnology Advancement Center, owned by the City of Worthington, with Bioverse, Inc. and the University of Minnesota Extension. This strategic location is in the heart of US animal agriculture and can draw upon the talents of graduates from the University of Minnesota and South Dakota State University.  The region works to be a global center for the advancement of more sustainable animal agriculture.



Zachary S. Wochok

Dr. Zachary S. Wochok, a veteran C-Suite executive, is President of The Wochok Group, LLC, a management consulting firm. He is retired CEO of food ingredient company PGP International, Inc. He currently serves as Acting President and Director of Grazix to which he brings considerable experience in P&L management, business development, M&A, and corporate finance. Previous experience includes: CEO/Chairman of NURTURE, Inc.; COO of Calgene, Inc.; CEO of Plant Genetics, Inc. He is an industry advisor to Capstone Partners, advisor to the Board of Cibus, Inc. and others. He is Chair and advisory board member of California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research.


dan-littleDan Little, MS, DVM

Dr. Little brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of veterinary medicine to Grazix. With over 25 years in animal health management and dairy development, he is sought out as a speaker for seminars and events from topics on “Technology to Improve Animal Health” to “Dairy Systems Analysis.” His focus is on animal comfort, environmental quality, food safety and production efficiency for client profitability.


Dale_MechlerDr. Dale Mechler, DVM

Dr. Dale Mechler brings over 24 years of experience and knowledge to Grazix. His specialty is swine management and consulting, and he is also very active in swine research. He successfully completed the Executive Veterinary Program at the University of Illinois in 2000, and is an active member of AASV. Dr. Mechler is passionate about providing his clients with effective swine health information and solutions for their businesses.


Terry_MetcalfTerry Metcalf, Field Sales Manager

With over 30 years in the national and international livestock industry, Terry has maintained an active auctioneer license since 1974. He has a BS in Animal Sciences and Business Management and is a certified Appraiser in Equine, Farm Machinery and Livestock. His broad knowledge and experience offers Grazix customers true market evaluation and service.


sandy wang

Sandy Wang, Quality Assurance Director

Sandy brings Grazix over 11 years of Quality Assurance management experience in food and dietary supplement manufacturing, retail, and food service industries. She has a Master degree in Food Science. She is experience in implementing and driving global quality management systems, managing suppliers and contract manufacturers, regulatory compliance, and third party audits.