Supporting & Managing Gut Health

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Grazix products  harness the biochemistry of “plant injury-response” to augment gut health in production animals resulting in a better overall outcome for producers.   Non-bacterial GI stress can develop from weaning, web diet, cheapest temperature changes, nurse and socialization. Grazix’s products provide quick relief while delivering powerful anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to overall well being and improved gut health.

Several of the largest livestock production farms in the U.S. are using Grazix products and the technology has been licensed in Europe, Australia, CIS and ASEAN countries. The Grazix team is heavily invested in research to raise the scientific bar on plant chemistry, to create next generation feed ingredients and natural alternatives.  Grazix products contain powerful phytobiologic metabolites, a radically new concept in dietary immune modulators that actively support the intestinal barrier function via proper nutrition, for resilience against scours and other productivity-impacting stresses related to weaning, transport, environmental changes, crowding, feed issues and other stress-inducing challenges.

Grazix technology harnesses the principles of reactive plant immunity to restore the health benefits derived from a natural field diet. Our patented fully bioactive polyphenols deliver the essentials of nutritional immunity that are missing from commercial feeds.